The Company

Respectability, precision, reliability and competence, economicity: these are the characteristics that Clients, Suppliers and competitors have always been acknowledging to C.F. ITALIA, and that have allowed her to occupy a relevant position in the field of the conversion of flexible synthetic foam materials ( polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC, rubber, silicone, plastic etc ).
Since 1964, year of its start, C.F. ITALIA has been specializing in manufacturing technical items by customer’s specification: sheetings, rolls, gaskets, die-cut or contoured parts, thermo-formed parts, all designed to solve the most different needs of the sectors: automotive, building, white goods, electronics, air-conditioning, sound absorption, nautical, packing and more!
The continuous search for solutions to the technical challengies submitted by clients, and the attention to cost reduction, have allowed C.F. ITALIA to become more and more a reference point to those looking for a reliable and up- to- its- task partner: fast in replying,  with state-of-the- art machineries and having a certified Quality System.
The ability to cut to measure, die-cut, glue and laminate makes us particularly suitable to the conversion of materials given by the client on work account.
 Explaining here all we make or can supply would take too long: please visit the sections
Materials / Treatments “ , and you will understand why we are really suppliers of “ flexible solutions”!

C.F. Italia s.r.l.  via Cavallo, 18 - 10078 Venaria R. (TO) - Tel: 011.4593506  Fax: 011.4593459 - P.Iva 04577710017